12 Best Tourist Spots In New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant, historic city with many attractions for visitors to explore. From museums and iconic buildings to parks, landmarks, and historical sites, there’s something for everyone in this diverse city. Here are 12 of the best tourist spots in New Orleans that you won’t want to miss!

1. French Quarter: The most famous area of New Orleans is the French Quarter, where you will find unique architecture, a lively nightlife scene, art galleries and excellent restaurants. Stroll through the streets and take in the sights or visit Jackson Square and check out the street performers. Don’t forget to stop by Café du Monde and enjoy some beignets!

2. Bourbon Street: This vibrant street is home to wild nightlife and live music clubs. There are also plenty of bars, shops, restaurants and other attractions along this bustling thoroughfare. It’s always a great time when you’re in the heart of the French Quarter.

3. Garden District: This picturesque neighborhood has been featured in many films due to its majestic mansions and lush gardens. Take a self-guided tour to admire all of the stunning 19th century architecture or take a stroll down Magazine Street for great shopping opportunities.

4. St Louis Cathedral: Located in Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter is St Louis Cathedral – one of New Orleans most iconic landmarks since 1720s! Visit this beautiful church day or night for amazing views over downtown New Orleans or attend mass on Sundays if it appeals to you.

5. Audubon Park & Zoo: Located just outside downtown New Orleans is Audubon Park & Zoo; home to over 2200 animals from around the world! Take a guided tour on an airboat or stroll around the park taking in its beauty while enjoying some local wildlife spotting along the way!

6. National WWII Museum: Spanning across 4 blocks of downtown New Orleans is The National World War II Museum – showcasing interactive exhibits dedicated to ‘The Greatest Generation’ who served during WWII as well as telling stories from those affected by war through personal tales from combatants and civilians alike..

7. Longue Vue House & Gardens: Built between 1932-1939 this elaborate estate was designed by landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman which can be seen throughout its 8 acre grounds filled with blooming flowers and exotic plants! Explore rare artwork throughout its mansion house then head outside to discover secret garden spots scattered around its grounds!

8 . City Park: This vast 1300 acre urban park houses oak trees that have been standing since 1837 as well as botanical gardens filled with over 25000 different plants! It offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities such as biking trails, golf courses & playgrounds perfect for families visiting with children!.

9 . Aquarium Of The Americas: Located near The Mississippi Riverfront this aquarium features 10500 aquatic animals from all corners of North America including sharks & turtles plus takes visitors on an underwater journey through a 20ft long clear acrylic tunnel!.

10 . Ogden Museum Of Southern Art: If you’re looking for culture then look no further than The Ogden Museum Of Southern Art which showcases over 4800 pieces from contemporary Southern artists including paintings & sculptures!.

11 . Preservation Hall Jazz Band: As one would expect from any visit to New Orleans don’t miss out on experiencing some live jazz music at Preservation Hall Jazz Band located within walking distance from Bourbon Street!.

12 . Carousel Bar & Lounge In Hotel Monteleone : Last but not least enjoy a cocktail at Carousel Bar & Lounge located inside Hotel Monteleone – A beloved fixture since 1949 this rotating bar still captures locals hearts today with nightly live music performances making it one spot not to pass up when visiting New Orleans!.